© 2015 FC CALAROMANIA Wien, alle Rechte vorbehalten.   Functionari CALAROMANIA Wien. Linkuri : Esti interesat sa fi alaturi de noi? FC CALAROMANIA Wien  ofera tinerilor jucatori incepand cu varsta de 16 ani sansa sa stranga experienta printre jucatorii din echipa de fotbalisti din  2 Klasse A, campionatul Austriac. Dorim sa ofeim tinerelor talente sansa ca inca din timp sa stranga experienta, si poate, prin noi sa reuseasca mai repede sa ajunga intr-o liga superioara. Veti fi insotiti spre performanta de o echipa de antrenori care va va pregatii atat fizic cat si tehnic/tactic. Antrenament:  Din mai 2017 pana in octombrie 2017 in fiecare vineri de la ora 17:00 la 20:00 . Unde ne gasiti: Pentru inscrieri la club va rugam sa ne contactati telefonic , sau prin e-mail. calaromania.wien@gmail.com  sau Mobil:0676 3580761 Antrenor Clara Popescu sau Antrenor Andreea Dragan Wiener Fusball-Verband This is our project for refugee children from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Benin, Iraq, etc. FROM WAR TO PEACE Football for orphaned refugee children in our club that i lead we have   35 refugees from Afghanistan,  Somalia, Syria and Irak. They   are young people aged up to   18, beautiful young ,  believers and full of life.   They run to save their lives   fromthe face of the war and death. They arrived to Viena without  parents , some of them are already orphans because the cold arms and people without a soul killed  everything they had at their homes.   My job ( our job) is hardbecause the boys just started to learn german   language , but no obstacleis going to stop me from building a bridge of   humanity. If they have still the power to smile after all they' ve been through and i   will find the courage to keep going convinced that every men have to   find the peace as long as they have a hope to obtain it.  Click to zoom in Programul pentru miscare a clubului  FC CALAROMANIA WIEN “FREUNDSCHAFTSCUP“  >>>>>>>   FC Romania Wien